Ad van Meurs a.k.a. The Watchman
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"It's all about the song"

For more then twenty years now, Ad van Meurs -who has become an icon in the Dutch Trans Atlantic Folk and Blues scene - has played an important role as singer songwriter, guitar player, organiser, writer and film maker.

Feeling perfectly at home on stage, playing great acoustic guitar ( slide and fingerpicking) and performing his intricate songs, dark, romantic, yet uplifting together with his partner in life and music Ankie Keultjes, singer, soundengineer, producer and writer, an ideal conspiracy.

In The Netherlands he is accompanied by some of the best musicians on the eleven Watchman albums that have been released since 1991 on Ryko disc, Van Records and Continental record Services.

He is also a part of and driving force behind the very succesfull worldmusic Group No Blues, a group that has developed a beautiful style, combining eastern traditional music and western folk and blues.

Then there is The Folksurvivalclub, a pure folk project, Ankie Keultjes and the Belgian folk singer Marjan Cornille performing his songs on the album Break of Dawn. More:

He has been touring in the USA since 1992 and started organising singer songwriter concerts in The Netherlands, creating an opportunity for musicians to be heard an seen in a beautiful venue in The Music Building in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, ending each season in june with the Naked Song Festival, a unique international singer songwriter festival. More:

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