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The Watchman

Prijs: € 15,00 excl. verzendkosten.

U kunt 'Broken Lock & Rhyme' bestellen door een email te sturen naar met daarin uw adresgegevens en telefoonnummer. Wij nemen dan z.s.m. contact met u op.

On this fourth album, The Watchman has taken his characteristic and individual style ever closer to the sublime. After three albums with well known producers, The Watchman Band have done it all themselves this time.They are a smart bunch who know everything better. It was about time they proved themselves right and silenced those who thought they were hiding behind big names.
The lyrics are clearly from an adult and mature man and lie somewhere in between 'dubious high spirits' and 'pleasant melancholy'. The music is a combination of spiritual passion and the steady hand of a midnight drinker.
After very good reviews, the band has been travelling through Holland visiting radio stations to promote their new single called "I want it all".