Ad van Meurs a.k.a. The Watchman
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The Watchman

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"Carnival of Circumstance", the Watchman's eighth CD, is a wash of acoustic guitars, irresistible melodies and unabashed love songs. Ad van Meurs's lyrics walk a line between evocative poetry and plain speaking, woven with delicate guitar work from Ad and Oklahoma's own Gene Williams. From the mellow groove of "To Be Loved By You" to the simple country picking of "Take My Blues Away", the CD sets a mood: romantic, dark and yet uplifting.

The influence of American Folk is apparent in Van Meurs's writing. But rich vocal arrangements from The Very Girls, Ankie Keultjes and Aggie de Kruijf, and the subtle construction of the songs give Carnival of Circumstances it's European character. Ad van Meurs describes himself as a man marooned on an island in the mid Atlantic, somewhere between Ostend and Graceland. Carnival of Circumstance is a collection of reflections from that island.