Ad van Meurs a.k.a. The Watchman
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The Watchman

Prijs: € 9,50 excl. verzendkosten.

U kunt 'Flight over Life' bestellen door een email te sturen naar met daarin uw adresgegevens en telefoonnummer. Wij nemen dan z.s.m. contact met u op.

The Watchman's Flight over Life expresses moments of inspiration in musical terms. Musical stories. Two words that describe the new CD "Flight over Life" by Ad van Meurs (1953), alias The Watchman, in a nutshell. "Flight over Life" is pervaded with all kinds of genres: American folk, country blues, pop - to name just a few.

But the real drive of the album is the fact the music has a unique and intense relation with the lyrics that are full of "sharp edges". Because for The Watchman lyrics are not merely words to fill up the gaps in the bars, but a way to express a scale of emotions. And more than once the listener will say: "I have been there too."

Produced by Ankie Keultjes