Ad van Meurs a.k.a. The Watchman
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The Watchman

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Is 'High Acres' The Watchman's most contemplative album to date' It may very well be, together with Carnival of Circumstance, his album from 2002, which was so well received. But in this case the rule is: soft = heavy !!

There are 'no dull moments' on this collection of songs which all feature The Watchman's trademark sound. Intriguing, almost hypnotic songs with a definite romantic feel, sung in a compelling way by Ad and his wife Ankie, who was also responsible for the more than agreeable production. She has a style all her own, in which the various acoustic instruments are draped around Gerard van der Graaf's piano and the percussive rhythm section. The latter includes - next to Eric van der Lest on drums - Osama Milaagi, King of Rhythm from Khartoum. He also distinguished himself on the very successful No Blues production, the Arabicana project in which The Watchman played such an important part. And it goes without saying that Ad van Meurs himself 'picks' his guitar as fluently as ever, that Stephan Jankowski's guitar solos are immaculate and that Theo Wijdeven provides his familiar, propulsive bass support.

There are songs about grandfatherhood (sic!), the 'bigger powers', jealousy, magpies in a tree, falling leaves in autumn, the search for God, youth, love, and puppy love and what have you.

'High Acres' is transatlantic folk & blues from The Watchman: sincere, luxurious and addictive.
"No dull moments" op deze verzameling songs die allemaal het Watchman keur- en kenmerk dragen. Intrigerende, bijna hypnotische liedjes met een grote romatische lading, meeslepend gezongen door Ad en Ankie. Lekker neergezet door producer Ankie Keultjes met een waaier van akoestische instrumenten waarin het geluid van de piano (Gerard de Graaf, ex Lenny Kuhr) vooral opvalt en de percussieve ritmesectie met naast Eric van der Lest ook de ritmekoning uit Karthoum: Osama Milaagi. Natuurlijk speelt Ad van Meurs weer lekker 'picking' gitaar en zijn de solo's van Stephan Jankowski weer meer dan trefzeker en voorziet Theo Wijdeven als vanouds de songs van een mooi dragend en stuwend basgeluid.

High Acres is transatlantische folk & blues van The Watchman: ernstig, weldadig en verslavend.