Ad van Meurs a.k.a. The Watchman
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The Watchman

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After the deeply personal and much acclaimed "Carnival Of Circumstances", the Watchman sets a lighter tone with his latest release, "Weep On, Willow". This collection of energetic blues-based songs captures the warmth and excitement that fans of the Watchman's live show look for. The band is cooking, weaving beautiful melodies through deceptively simple lyrics. "Weep On, Willow" has the stuff of a great Watchman album.

Ad van Meurs delivers his subtle adaptation of the Blues with a relaxed, no-nonsense air. "I wanted to come down to earth and simply play with the guys," says Ad. Exceptional guitar work from Stephan Jankowski frames Ad's rich voice, which sits solidly in front of Ankie Keultjes' angelic harmonies. Menno Romer's sax purrs baritone riffs that add to the joyful spirit of the arrangements. The Watchman even recorded new treatments of two classics, "Laundry Day" and "Louisiana Blues", to complete this bluesy and uplifting journey.